22 Tips of Advice for Virginia Tech Freshman

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Virginia Tech! It’s definitely one of the best colleges in the country. Here are 22 tips of advice for Virginia Tech freshman from a current Virginia Tech student named Jackson Johnson. Enjoy!

1. a few days before classes start walk through your schedule and locate each of your class rooms.
2. A lot of money on your meal plan does not mean steak and lobster every night. Remember you’ve got to make that thing last all semester.
3. UPS/FedEx will deliver to your door but Dominoes won’t.
4. Burn the T-shirt they give you at orientation. NEVER WEAR IT. NEVER. Probably the easiest way to standout as a freshman.
5. No one cares about high school anymore. This is college. This is different.
6. Keep your Hokie p in an easily accessible place. However DON’T PUT IT ON A LANYARD AROUND YOUR NECK.

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