23 Things That Happen On Senior Prom Night

It’s about that time… Senior Prom or Senior Ball season! Definitely one major night of your senior year you should always remember… Unless you got blackout wasted at the after party. All of these things should relate to you, your date, a friend, or your whole senior class. And all you readers who aren’t incoming freshman, let’s take a look back at our past for a minute.

23. People Leave Early For The After Party

22. Girls Take Off Their Shoes

21. Dates Get Stolen (either before prom or during it)

20. The DJ Sucks

19. The Table Placement Is All Wrong

18. The Duck Face

17. Corny Grand March Fail

16. Loss Of Virginity

15. Someone Trips At Grand March

14. Someone Ruins Their Dress

13. BFF Fight

12. BF/GF Fight

11. Prom King & Queen Are A Joke

10. Similar Dresses

9. Lose Your Date Last Minute

8. Someone Breaks Their Phone

7. Slow Songs Get Awkward

6. Your Date Doesn’t Match

5. Someone Gets Too Turnt At The After Party

4. You’re Dateless


3. The Food Sucks

2. Lose Your DD

1. Awkward Teacher Compliments

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