24 Bucket List Goals To Accomplish Before You Graduate College (5)

4. An understanding that you can’t plan for every part of your life. You watched yourself switch majors or directions probably more than once during your secondary education, and that’s OK. That’s OK because you’ll probably have to switch professions and career direction too one day. You’ll at some point have to dramatically change something during your professional and personal adult life. You’ll have to adjust. That’s life, and college taught you that from the beginning. Conquering adversity and accepting change is key to success in this world.

3. A sports fandom that will inevitably be spread to your children and every single person who accidentally asks you what school you root for. 

2. A life-long sense of pride and one that you can genuinely bond with strangers over almost instantly. 

1. Memories. So many memories. You’ll remember the professors that made you think, the friends that made you feel like you were a part of a family, the nights that inspired stories of laughter for years to come, the late-night pizzas, the football games, the messes, the kisses, the A on your paper you spent all night writing, the clubs, the adventures, the teams, the college-town quirks, the inside jokes and the moments you felt infinite, young and alive.

Those moments won’t end. You are still young and alive, and the possibilities you have now to achieve greatness are continually infinite. So think not of what you see in that dirty rear-view mirror as you drive away. Think about what you keep still in your heart and mind, and look ahead, because now you get to dive into an enchanted and fascinating world you’ve earned entry into, the future.


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