25 Ways to Know You Go to Rutgers University:

25 Ways to Know You Go to Rutgers University:

1. You’re proud of Delafest, even if you weren’t even a student there when it happened

2. You’ve been questioned by non-Rutgers students as to why you’re studying at a club-Club Alex

3. …aaand you studied for finals in Club Alex among the homeless population of New Brunswick

4. You’ve taken a weekend bus to avoid eating at Brower Commons

5. You have more crime alerts than matches on Tinder

6. Girls: You have been asked by many random guys to be a part of their ratio
Guys: You have asked many random girls to be a part of your ratio

7. You’ve realized you’d probably have more luck playing the actual lottery after receiving your on campus housing lottery number

8. You’ve said, and probably hashtagged the phrase “RU Screw” multiple times. #RUScrew

9. Not only do you have a favorite drunken food spot on Easton Ave., but you also have it saved as a contact on your phone

10. You wear a Rutgers shirt in public, and you’re guaranteed to receive at least one comment on it.

11. You’re always relevant. Rutgers is somehow always on the news, and you’re either proud or embarrassed of the reason why.

12. Sakai is either your homepage, or at least the first page you check when you log on your computer

13. As much as you might complain about Rutgers athletics, you’re ridiculously proud to be in the Big 10

14. And you’ve probably already made plans to blackout for the first Big 10 “Blackout” game against Penn State on September 13

15. You’re aware that Rutgers was founded in 1766, and America in 1776. Before there was America, there was Rutgers.

16. Rutgers, or Slutgers? You’ve called it both names.

17. SIRS emails are still sitting in your email inbox from the previous semester

18. You’ve made the ideal course schedule, only to find that those courses were already full when you finally got to register on WebReg.

19. You’ve come to the conclusion that WebReg probably sleeps more than you.

20. You view eating a fat sandwich as a rite of passage. You are not a Rutgers student until you’ve had one.

21. You expected to receive more free T-shirts in a year than you actually did

22. You either have an opinion on the Condoleeza Rice “scandal,” or you just don’t give a f*ck. There is no in between

23. You’ve prayed for Barchi to call a snow day, even though the chances have been slim.

24. You know the value of a minute after missing a bus, or just making it…unless it’s an LX, which always seem to be present.

25. You might not have planned on attending Rutgers University, but now you wouldn’t leave it for anything. And that means anything.

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