27 Ways You Know You Go To St. John Fisher College

1. One word: Lackmann.

2. You can get to every academic building without ever stepping foot outside

3. You can sort out the football players from everyone else based on where they sit in the dining hall (baseball players too)

4. The door holding game is too strong

5. Fishbowl is more than just an object you put your pet fish in

6. “Are you going to the lax house or baseball house tonight??” Is one of the most common questions you will hear on the weekends

7. Joe the cab driver.

8. And don’t forget Joe the bouncer

9. You have arranged your night out based on the 9:50 p.m. and 10:50 p.m. busses that are never on time

10. The highlight of your day is seeing Larry in the dining hall

11. You leave your phone and keys on your table in the dining hall because you put way too much trust in everyone

12. If you’re an upperclassman you remember the days of Tequila Loco, Pig, or whatever it was called at the time

13. You take the shuttle to Fishbowl even though it’s not a far walk

14. You cringe at the thought of having to park in Park & Ride

15. If you had a dollar for every email Fisher sent you, you could pay off all 4 years of your tuition in cash

16. Strategically planning when you go to the gym so you can find an open treadmill

17. Your two biggest concerns this year have been only receiving $35 worth of printing dollars and not being able to bring coffee, cookies, or fruit out of the dining hall

18. You know what Teddi and Courage Bowl are

19. Finding a parking spot is worse than the Hunger Games

20. Finding a table in the dining hall during free period is even worse

21. And forget about even registering for classes/housing…

22. You can leave your dorm room and be at your class in less than 10 minutes

23. The dirty Murph… need I say more

24. Taco Tuesday, Wing Wednesday and let’s not forget the dreaded Waste Wednesday in the dining hall

25. Chances are you know more than 3/4 of the people who go here because, hello small school probs.

26. A good amount of your friends play a sport

27. At the end of the day you’re proud to be a cardinal

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