30 Things You Probably Did as a Rutgers University Freshman:

1. You bought a Rutgers lanyard, attached your dorm key to it, and swung the absolute shit out of it. All the time.

2. You asked about the bus system…(and probably received wrong directions lol)

3. Admit it…you pulled the yellow cord to make sure the bus stops at a given stop

4. You added the prefix “the” to everything. Ex: “Where are THE Rockoff Apartments?”

5. You took 12 credits and/or a Byrne Seminar

6. “Partying” became synonymous with “ratio,” so you became friends with a group of females mostly to get into parties (if you’re a guy)

7. You ate your first drunk Fat Sandwich…and drunkenly talked about it for the rest of the night

8. You trekked all the way to Hamilton and Delafield for shitty parties, before you knew they were shitty

9. You signed guests in with the RA, before figuring out that you could sneak them in

10. You were afraid to skip classes for the first time

11. And on that note, you wondered at least once if you had to ask to use the restroom in lecture

12. You travelled to Livi dining hall for almost every meal, regardless of what campus you were on

13. And you lusted over the Livi apartments while you stayed in your (most likely un-airconditioned) dorm

14. You got #RUScrewed by Web Reg…multiple times

15. You had that one favorite place to go to for food on Easton Ave…because you’d only tried one place for food on Easton Ave.

16. You learned that Halloween is not a day, but a weekend

17. You eventually realized that I’m Schmacked seemed a lot cooler before you got to college

18. Fellow Rutgers students you met online greeted you with “Aren’t you ____ from Twitter?”

19. Going out to party was an all season activity; skirts in the Spring, skirts in the Winter y’all!

20. You realized how easy it was to get written up for a noise violation

21. The happiness you felt when you realized meal swipes were accepted during football games & by the Knight Wagon cannot be articulated

22. You became really good friends with someone that you didn’t think you would

23. Although Rutgers is a big school…you recognized the same strangers

24. Everyone told you Brower was the worst dining hall and you believed it…until you tried their sub night takeout, and also realized they have the best ice cream selection of all the campuses.

25. RU Express became your debit card

26. …and you used the majority of it on delivery/ABP

27.  You thought you’d lost your RU ID multiple times, or you really did lose it multiple times

28. You went to a lot of theme parties. Highlighter, toga, you loved it

29. You wasted a lot of time on the weekend buses before you understood how they worked

30. You realized Rutgers was the best university to attend


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