4 Reasons Why The Drinking Age Should Be 18 And Over

Ever since the drinking age was changed to 21 years old, there have been tons of people who would argue that the drinking age should be lowered. Not only have underage people made this argument, but so have adults above the drinking age because of the benefits it would have towards the safety and future of our society. Here are some reasons why the drinking age should be lowered to 18 and above.


1. Considered Adults. At 18 years old I was legally considered an adult. I have the opportunity to buy lottery tickets, sign the lease for my apartment, be a voter, and I can even join the military if I want to. But for some odd reason it’s against the law for me to buy a case of beers at 20 years old. It doesn’t make sense to address 18 year old people as adults yet forbid them from buying alcohol.


2. Less Crime. The drinking age is 21, but do you honestly think that people younger than that aren’t going to drink? Of course they are, and it’s wrong to give an “underage” drinking ticket to someone who isn’t “underage” of going to jail. Also, in order to get the alcohol, so many people under 21 will go through the trouble of getting a fake ID. If the drinking age were lower, there wouldn’t be as much of a thrill when it comes to getting drunk.


3. Less DUI. America is one of the only countries that has the drinking age at 21. There are much fewer drinking and driving accidents in European countries where the drinking age is 18, because people learn how to drink and know their limits before they really learn how to drive. This may be one of the most important reasons why the drinking age should be considered to be lower.


4. Economy. Another positive impact for society is that lowering the drinking age to 18 will boost the economy. Since more people would be able to buy alcohol at restaurants, bars, concerts, and other environments that sell alcohol, then revenue would go up and there would be an increase of tax revenue collected by the government. Overall, this is a win-win situation for the consumer and the government.

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