40 Ways You Know You Attend the University of the Virgin Islands (Con’t)

21. You go to Kmart or Wal­greens often to stock up on food and essen­tials to avoid going to (or in case you miss) the book­store and cafe­te­ria dur­ing open hours.

22. It is always sunny no mat­ter the time of year.

23. The pro­fes­sors under­stand a vari­ety of island dialect.

24. When you go to one depart­ment where 1+1=2, but you go to another depart­ment and 1+1 might equal 2 or 11.

25. When a bag of air (chips) is $2 in the bookstore

26. When your friends ask you to get them a free meal from the caf

27. When your pro­fes­sors claim you didn’t turn in an assign­ment when you know you did

28. When stu­dents drive their car from their dorm to their class

29. When you stay up until 3 am doing an assign­ment then find­ing out the next day that it’s not graded

30. When you have to sneak food in the library

31. When the best thing to look for­ward to in the caf is the ice cream

32. When your cred­its don’t trans­fer to a com­mu­nity college.

33. When peo­ple that don’t attend UVI are always on campus

34. Your pro­fes­sors know you by name.

35. When domi­noes and Net­flix is always the plan.

36. Grass seems to be cut every day.

37. Rice is a main sta­ple in the caf.

38. When your idea of a good night is to head to the beach.

39. When you can’t have peo­ple in your room unless your RA is cool or lives in another suite than they do.

40. When vis­it­ing hours are from 12:00pm to 12:00am & quiet hours are from 10:00/11:00 to 10:00/11:00 based on what day it is.

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