5 Celebrities Who Roll Their Eyes Way Too Much. These Gifs Are Priceless.

My mom always tells me that I roll my eyes and when I do it is seriously obvious.

The best part? I have  NO IDEA I am doing it.  I wear my emotions on my sleeve so to speak, I cannot hide how I feel. I am a girl that cannot fake excitement or happiness if I think you are a fool for accepting an engagement ring from a cheater.  I am that girl that cannot feel sorry for you when your boyfriend leaves you because he finds out you have been texting four other guys.  I digress…

I cannot fake emotions and apparently my face tells all.  Especially my eye rolling skills, which I have deemed the trifecta (two eyes rolling with an extra fling of the head or hair). Which got me thinking…I watch a TON of reality TV. Too much to admit. However, I am constantly seeing the women of these popular shows rolling their eyes too. So I have gathered the top offenders for your enjoyment…and we will award the BEST eye rolling trifecta reality TV woman! :)

#5…Dance Mom Christi

If you do not watch Dance Moms…boy oh boy, you cannot get through a single episode without Christi complaining about Miss Abby, her daughter not getting what Christi thinks she deserves, Melissa or Maddie, and of course the amount of drinking she is accused of…and for her wonderful head shake/eye roll combo she earned out #5 spot!


Is anyone still in shock that this guidette has a baby? I know I am…however this NJ chick sure can show her emotions.  Whether she is fighting with Jionni or the Situation, her eye roll/gum popping combo earn her the #4 spot!

#3…Kelly Bensimon

I am BIG fan of RHONYC and I freaking miss this woman! I am sure she life is WAY healthier now that she is not constantly fighting with Ramona or Alex. While her first season with RHONYC she really was portrayed as a certified crazy lady, I think her second season showed her true colors.  Kelly’s eye roll infused with the puffed out cheeks earn her the #3 spot! Blow off that hot steam Miss B!

#2…Abby Lee Miller

Seriously, I don’t need to say much about this lady.  Just watch her motion. From left to right…she doesn’t even blink.  Those girls are happy and moving and we see a zombie like glare from Miss Abby!  Girlfriend captures #2 with her dazzling stare!

And…drumroll please…

#1…Teresa Guidice

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