5 Only Child Problems You Realize You Have In College

Only child problems are real problems guys! No really, we know we are spoiled and lucky in so many ways in your eyes, but being an only child our whole lives really is hard at times. Transitioning to college life can be especially hard for us. So many people don’t understand only child problems so here is a little insight on our struggles when living in a dorm.

1. Not liking to share

Us only children never really learned to share. We have our own room, own clothes, own food. Everything was just ours. So being thrown in a dorm situation where so much is shared, frankly too much, it can be rough. Yes you think we are brats, and we are a little, but never having brothers and sisters has left us missing a whole chunk of knowledge about the sharing process.

2. Budgeting your spending

For most of us only children, whether we were from a wealthy family or not, our parents were always there to buy us things we need. Money for new clothes, getting groceries, even for a night out with friends. Not having that as a source anymore is hard. We have to budget what activities we can and can’t do and what clothes we can and can’t buy. You call it normal, but really it is weird for us.

3. Having to actually communicate

Much of an only child’s home life is spent being quiet (so sad I know). But we didn’t have siblings to talk to all the time and to fight with. So working out problems and actually communicating can be a new concept. Excuse us if we are impossible and stubborn, it’s just an only child problem.

4. Less alone time

Going along with a lot of being quiet, being alone often is another struggle of only child-ness. There is virtually no alone time living in a college dorm and that can be so hard to get used to. So if we are even being a grumpy asshole, just give us some alone time.

5. Overprotective parents

This is the ultimate, life-long struggle for every only child. We have been dealing with this for our whole lives and you would think it gets easier, but it never does. College only makes it worse. Don’t judge us for having to check in with our family and for our all too frequent phone calls with mom. Seriously not our fault and we hate it too.

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