5 Most Important Traits Of A True Best Friend

1. Enthusiasm 
This may go without saying, but a best friend is someone that will always be there to cheer you up and root you on. Enthusiasm is an important part of a friendship for several reasons. First of all, enthusiasm is an infectious emotion in general. Someone who is enthusiastic about living and life in general can have such an impact on others mood that, when around that person, our mood rises as well. What more can we ask for? A best friend is someone who is supposed to be able to cheer us up and this is why. Friendship is about the experiences you share together and the conversations you exchange. Enthusiasm in the relationship can only lead to great adventures and times together. No one wants a friendship with a monotone mope.



2. Loyalty
A true friend is someone who will stick by you through thick and thin. A best friend is not someone that shows up only when the party’s happening; a sub-sequential ‘fly-by-nighter,’ but any time that they are needed. They will actually want to be a part of your life and to be there for you along all the roller coaster turns you endure. A loyal friend is one that will laugh at your insane, deep, dark secrets but will then take those secrets to the grave. They will cry for you when you get dumped, they will laugh with you when you share an inside joke, and they will laughat you when you trip on the sidewalk; that’s just the way things go. When you find loyalty, it is evident in a relationship. It is something to cherish–you’ve got a true blue friendship here!

3. Straightforwardness 
This friend is going to tell you how it is whether you like it or not. And while at times you may think this is rude or hurtful, you know you’re best friend means it in the best possible way. The ability to be straightforward and honest in a friendship allows for meaningful and direct opinion during conversation. After all, your best friend is the person you go to for advice right? Leave the emotion-curtailing for an acquaintance; the truest  advice will come from your BFF. Honesty will also keep eventual feelings of jealousy, resentment, and loathing at bay. At some times, the honesty may sting at first, but it is the best possible situation for getting feelings out and in the open from the get-go. 

4. Selflessness 
A true friend will ditch his/her Friday night date to console you through a break-up while simultaneously chowing down a large pizza and three pints of Ben and Jerry’s.  They will take hot yoga with you, something you’ve both been dreading, just so that you don’t have to embarrass yourself alone. They’re down for whatever simply because they care about you. They care about your happiness just as much as they do their own.

5. Forgiveness
This may be the most important quality of your best friend ever. Forgiveness is a huge part of the relationship because, well, we all screw up sometimes. Thankfully for us and unfortunately for them, they will be the one to have our backs even when we’re caught in a white lie. They will also look after you when you drink too much at a party. Even at your worst, most shameful moments, this individual is crazy enough to actually still want to be in your company. Knowing this is the most rewarding part of the friendship at all. 

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