The 5 Kinds of Naps College Students Take


This is a beautiful thing. This is the 10-20 minute nap you take in between classes after vigorous note taking and severe concentration…or between Netflix episodes.



Walk around any college campus in this country and I can promise you, you’ll see someone sleeping on a bench, retaining wall, or under a tree. This type of nap is one where you find the nearest spot that looks slightly comfortable…ok even a pile of rocks would do… because you’re so tired that you can even make it back to your bed.



You set your alarm for one hour and somehow you’ve woken up four hours later, pissed off, and a homework assignment due in thirty minutes. Then when its time to go to sleep, somehow you’ve ended up watching videos of cats riding on vacuums on the internet and hating yourself even more.


I woke up like this

After you’ve been out for a Friday night of drinks and dancing, you make it back to your bed…or someone else’s… you slip into the 10-12 hour coma of pure delicious uninterrupted slumber. You have no responsibilities, no stress, and all the time in the world and you relish in it.



Or you could be like me, the pre-med who keeps a 5-Hour-Energy Shot in her backpack and Starbucks in her hand at all time. My desk lamp is honestly fried because of the amount of time it stays on all night. Sound familiar to anyone?

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