5 Reasons Why Getting Sick In College Is The Worst

Ah, ah, CHOOO! There aren’t many things as miserable as unleashing a monstrous sneeze only to find your arm is covered in green, slimy mucus. While your nose is already spewing this putrid liquid, now all of the sudden, you feel an itch coming on inside your throat. That itch slowly evolves into a full-blown cough. Not just any cough. A cough that has you wheezing like a dying dog. That’s what I call a full-blown cold right there.

Now imagine all of this attacking while you’re trying to navigate the chaos of college. The ways in which this cold impacts your daily life are numerous. Here are just a few reasons why college is the last place you want the evil common cold to strike.

5. You Can Forget About Participating In Class

Usually, professors enjoy a good ol’ fashioned discussion the night after a reading assignment. Usually, these professors appreciate it when the majority of the class participates in the discussion because that would indicate that the class did their homework. Usually, the professors notice which students participate, which leads to some possible grade help at the end of the semester. Everyone wants to be on the professors’ good side.

With a cold, class participation simply isn’t possible because no one will understand what’s coming out of your mouth, as everything sounds like a bunch of jumbled wheezing.


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