5 Signs You’re Going To Have A Bad Semester

Maybe the stars didn’t quiet align in your favor, or maybe it’s just your classes and social life that aren’t aligning; sometimes you just have a bad semester. Hopefully they are few and far between (otherwise the college thing may not be for you). These are some tell tale signs that it’s just not going to be the best semester.

1. You have no good professors


So they didn’t have the best scores, and maybe you heard around campus not to take their classes, but you decided during registration that it couldn’t be that bad. Now you are sitting in a lecture with the most boring and useless, or even worse, mean, professors of your life. You probably should have listened to the fact that they were awful in the first place, but it’s too late to go back. Good luck with a whole semester of awful lectures and dumb assignments.

2. No friends or even potential new friends in your classes

Nothing worse than having no one to bitch to about class or cheat off of for tests. To make matters worse, if there is no one even normal enough or nice enough that you can potentially make fiends then you’re really fucked. Nothing puts a damped on your semester like having to go to classes with a bunch of people you don’t like.

3. You are already procrastinating a few weeks in

Classwork is painful that’s why it is so easy to fall in the abyss of procrastination. There is always that end of semester struggle, but if its only a few weeks in and you already are finding that Netflix binges are coming before doing work then you’re going to have trouble getting on back to the school work first grind the entire semester.

4. All your syllabuses are chalked full of shit

Getting a bunch of syllabuses at the bringing of a semester is a pain in the ass in itself (even though the infamous syllabus week is awesome). Once you start to realize how much work and things to do are jammed into those dreadful pages is when your semester meets its downfall. If all you’re classes have these full syllabuses you better either start planning or except you are going to have a bad semester.

5. You already got in trouble with breaking a university policy

Getting in trouble for drinking, breaking quiet hours, partying, or anything else is a huge sign of a bad semester. Now you are on the RA’s and campus polices’ radar. Not only do you have to face the punishment, you also now have to try not to fuck up again for the whole semester. If you start out on a bad foot it can be hard to rebound.

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