5 Struggles of Sharing the Laundry Room with Others

Living on-campus seems like fun, until you actually experience living in a dorm with a lot of people that you may or may not know. Not only do you have to share bathrooms, kitchens, and study space, but you have to share a laundry room. If you hate laundry day on campus you should understand these 5 struggles of sharing the laundry rooms:

5. Not having enough dryers/wash machines. 1 out of 6 wash-machines open. How do you expect for 1,000+ people to wash clothes when there’s only 1 wash-machine left? I know 1,000 people won’t decide to wash on the same day, but 6 machines is not enough. And waiting for those machines to be available especially during a weekday when you have classes, can be dreadful.




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