5 Things All UofL Seniors Remember About Freshman Year

5 Things All UofL Seniors Remember
Things seemed so much simpler as a freshman at the University of Louisville. Check out these 5 things all UofL seniors remember about freshman year.

Go Cards! If you’re reading this you are about to embark on the woes of current seniors at The University of Louisville. Ah, freshman year feels just life yesterday when in reality, it was so long ago. They seemed like simpler times, without the pressures of graduating and being a fricken’ adult. Now for a little nostalgia with these 5 things UofL seniors remember and know to be true.

5. Remember back in the day when upper classmen could live in Community Park, Kurz, and other dorms?

Monsters University

The good old days. When you could still be considered cool by living in on campus housing, because CP and Kurz were so much better. All of the awesomeness of living on your own, none of the responsibility of actually living alone. Trickling in past the security guard at 2am after a “social gathering” and sneaking in your friends. If something broke having the maintenance man come to your every lazy need. Currently, none of that flies anymore. They don’t even have 24hr visitation. How lame. next


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