The 6 Best Ways To Get Involved In College

There are many ways to get involved around campus- from a variety of clubs, to sports, to Greek life. Below are the top six ways to get involved on campus!

1. Going Greek. Joining Greek life is a big deal on most campuses and is a great way to meet a variety of people. You will also be in a sisterhood or brotherhood with hundreds of other sisters or brothers, so it is the best way to meet a ton of people to go partying with or hangout with on a Saturday night.

2. Leadership. Leadership looks great on resumes and allows you to have a voice on what is going on around campus. If you want to make an impact at your school then this is the extra curricular activity for you.

3. Joining a club sports team. If you don’t desire to be a college athlete, joining a club sports team with a bunch of roommates or friends is fun, and also a great way to keep in shape.

4. Join a club. Every school offers a wide variety of clubs, ranging from the Snow Club to the Harry Potter club. There ought be a club or two on campus that appeal to your interests!

5. Form your own club. If you don’t find a club suited for you on campus, make your own! It’s a great way to start a tradition at your school.

6. Volunteer. Every campus offers a way for students to give back to their community, so if you want to get involved volunteering would definitely be a great way to help support your local community!

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