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6 Sleeping Hacks All College Students Must Learn

6 Sleeping Hacks All College Students Must Learn Written By: Jessi

Sleep in college. We all love it, and we all need more of it. Ever wonder how you could crack the code of a horrible night of sleep? Luckily, here are some ways to rest easy and get a better night of sleep. Trust me, it works.

1. Snack on nuts!

Did you know eating certain types of nuts can actually aid your sleep process? Next time counting sheep just won’t do the deed, reach for some walnuts and almonds. Walnuts contain high levels of the sleep-enhancing amino acid tryptophan! They also contain natural amounts of melatonin–a hormone that controls your sleep and wake cycles. Almonds on the other hand, are rich in magnesium. The mineral magnesium helps elevate the quality of our sleep… and we all know it’s not always about quantity, but quality as well! Low magnesium levels in the body can lend to a very restless sleep. Snack on these guys at least a half hour before you plan to snooze!

2. Read!

Reading is a subconscious mind easier; it reduces stress levels and helps the mind to relax. Opt to bring a long book to read in bed as it will automatically set the mind up for exhaustion and will cause the body to feel sleepy quicker.

3. Turn Off the Night Light

Our bodies naturally fall asleep better in a darker atmosphere and setting. Turn off any and all unwanted light. Sometimes, though, you have to deal with it and turn off wanted light as well. Yes, that means you actually have to put down your cell phone even though we all know how important it is to check your instagram feed at 2 A.M. (we’re all guilty of it….)


4. Drink Night Night Juice

You know how babies drink a warm bottle of milk before they take a nap or settle down to sleep? Well that’s because warm liquids actually relax and calm the muscles and functions of their minds and bodies. Thankfully, the same goes for us as adults! Drink something warm before laying down to get your body ready for rest (but please be smart and stay away from caffeine!) Warm up a glass of milk and add some honey and cinnamon, brew some chamomile tea. The warm liquid, paired with the sweet aroma therapy will have you sleeping like you did as an infant (without the crying in the middle of the night!)

5. streeeeetch!

Stretching relieves tense muscles, improves circulation, soothes joints, and does wonders for the body. Doing a physical activity involving stretching such as yoga or light Pilates an hour before bed time will lead to a more comfortable slumber. It will also help you to get more comfortable in bed in less time… no more tossing and turning

6. Fool Yourself

Now this one may sound like an oxymoron, but try to stay awake. Actively challenge your mind to stay awake while in bed. This method is called sleep paradox:  the brain does not respond well to negatives, therefore, telling yourself “I will NOT” sleep will actually coax your brain into rebelling from the statement and lead to your body striving for a mental state that’s ready for sleep. Who would’ve thought?!

By following these steps,  you’ll be ready to have a good night’s rest in no time. In fact, I’m yawning already! Sweet dreams everyone! And have a wonderful Monday Morning XO Jessi


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