6 Ways You Gain Independence in College

6 Ways You Gain Independence in College
Learning how to become an adult is hard work, especially when you just moved away from home. Here are 6 ways you gain independence during college.

Living at home for 18 years has its pros and its cons. On one hand, your parents most likely provide you with food, shelter, and other basic needs. On the other hand, this support means making the transition from having everything at your fingertips to fending for yourself that much harder. After a while, though, you find yourself entering a proper routine and realize that making personal decisions is not so hard.

Here are 6 ways you gain independence in college and learn how to become a functioning adult:

6. You go grocery shopping for yourself. At first this may seem like a daunting task because you are put in charge of your own nutrition, but eventually you begin to make smart decisions and know exactly what will fill you up in between classes. Your shopping cart has all the basic necessities and you managed to pick up food that is good for.



5. You clean up after yourself. Once you get past the luxury of freshman year dorm staff, you are on your own when it comes to cleaning and making sure you do not live in a dirt hole. All of a sudden you wash dishes, dust your desk, and organize all of your belongings. It may not be to your mom’s standards, but hey, you’re learning and that’s good enough.




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