90s Styles That Need To Stay As Told By Rachel Green (2)

5. High-waisted shorts.

hi waisted shorts

These have been back for a few years now. Whether they are denim, patterned or a solid color, they are classics. Wear them with a sweater, a crop top or just a class tank top.

4. Pencil skirts.

pencil skirt

Always classy. Always professional. And, Rachel proves that they do not have to be boring.

3. Printed shirt and leather jacket.

print and leather

Whether it is a flannel like Rachel or a floral dress, leather always looks great over a pattern. If you’re looking for a way to wear a leather jacket without looking like a biker, try this.

2. White sneakers and a sun dress.


Converse or Vans, white sneakers always look great with a cute sundress.

1. This. Hair.


Rachel wears her hair like this a lot through the ten-year series. Honestly, it reminds me of my mom when I was growing up–a clip up in the back. It is so easy, and so comfortable.

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