17 Benefits of Having a Boyfriend Since Freshman Year (2)

13. When Adulting Gets Too Difficult, You Know He Will Be There

During the less fun parts of the adulthood and freedom, you can always rely on him to have your back.  Maybe he even knows what taxes are, because that wasn’t covered in your economics class and you are panicking.

12. Permanent Date For Formals

You get to save so much time and effort on the “promposal”, as well.  After a year and multiple sorority formals, the promposal is a text saying, “Formal is next week and I bought you a bow tie to match my dress.  Get excited!”

11. Thanksgivings With Your Family Got One Question Less Awkward

“Are you dating anyone?” is no longer on the table, just all the other ones.  Hooray(?)!

10. There is Mutual Trust, and It Makes Life So Much Easier

When you know you can rely on your boyfriend, it takes away one stressful variable, and makes everything else just a little easier.

9. You Have So Much Time To Develop Your Relationship

You have time to get to know each other, with no societal pressure for marriage or children, which makes relationship growth a little easier.


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