Bet You Didn’t Know These 17 Facts About Virgins (4)

4.) It Is (Unfortunately) A Widely Believed Myth That Sex With A Virgin Can Cure HIV

The “virgin cleansing myth” is the belief that having sex with a virgin can cure someone of HIV/AIDS. The myth was first reported in 16th century Europe, but has since spread to Africa, Asia, and the Americas. 18 percent of laborers in South Africa thought that having sex with a virgin cures HIV/AIDS according to a survey by the University of South Africa.

3.) Virginity Pledges Don’t Cut STD Rates

Although pledge takers tend to marry earlier, have less partners, and report more monogamous partners, there is little difference in their STD rates.

2.) Purity Balls Are An Actual Thing

Some Christian churches actually hold formal balls in which fathers and daughters spend a special night together in the name of abstinence. The pairs spend the night dancing together and eating dinner, before ending the night with a vow to abstain from sex.

1.) Many People Believe We Should Abandon The Idea Of Virginity Entirely

Virginity is cited by many feminists as being both hetero normative and a perpetuator of “slut shaming.” Virginity also has all of the elements of a cultural double standard, seeing as men are often praised for losing their virginity whereas women are shamed for it.

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