7 ABSOLUTELY Spectacular Reasons Why Sleeping Naked Will Change Your Life

Sleeping in the nude is fabulous. You just kind of let everything hang loose while having some self-love (if you know what I mean). Who needs clothes anyway? Here are seven reasons why you need to throw your PJ’s across your room while you sleep.

7. Helps keep you cooler than cool

You have a huge exam tomorrow and you need sleep. What do you do? Sleep naked. According to this article on Cosmopolitan.com, when you are cooler, you tend to get a better night’s sleep. That’s right. Excuse to sleep in the nude.


6. Who needs Botox when you sleep naked?

Nobody likes wrinkles. If only there was a cure with no side effects. According to The Huffington Post, sleeping naked “allows anti-aging hormones and melatonin – a regulator of the body’s sleep wake cycle and antioxidant/free radical hunter – to function properly.” Buh-Bye sketchy age reducing tactics (and my clothes).


5. Helps you get your sex life on

This post on Lifehack.org is everything. Guys who sleep free have healthier sperm; Girls who sleep free prevent those icky yeast infections. Can I be any more persuasive?


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