7 Adele Song Lyrics That Explain Why Relationships Are Hard Work

Adele’s debut album, “19” took the world by storm. And by world, I mean every person that’s experienced a heart-wrenching breakup or overwhelming longing for another person. Her songs are powerful because of their honesty. They express how confusing love is and how painful it is to be left behind to pick up the pieces of a broken relationship.

If her voice isn’t enough to get people waving their praise-hands, then how on point her words are certainly make an impact on the listeners. In summary, Adele slays the music game and manages to lay everybody’s shit bare. Here are 7 Adele song lyrics that showcase the relationship struggle:

7. “You and me together–nothing is better.” – Set Fire to the Rain


Everyone is guilty of taking their relationship for granted. Obligations and responsibilities can push it to the background. We don’t invest ourselves as much, because they’re already in this. People forget that love takes work and when we don’t appreciate what we have, we can lose. It can be hard to find time to just be with a significant other, but when you’ve got someone great, you have to invest them to stay together.

6. “Hello from the outside.” – Hello


This is about the people we loved, but could never love us back. We’ve all found ourselves walking away from a bad relationship–be it friendship or romance. Down the road, we might try to make amends but sorry isn’t always good enough.

5. “Let me photograph you in this light. In case, it is the last time that we might be exactly like we were.” – When We Were Young


There are those Kodak moments that stick with us forever. Usually, it’s a simple thing that makes us fall in love with a person. He said something to make her laugh or the way she smiles in her sleep. Sometimes, we want to capture those perfect little moments on camera because nothing will ever be as wonderful as those feeling we have in that small pocket of time.

4. “I must’ve called a thousand times. To tell you, I’m sorry for everything that I’ve done.” – Hello


There’s nothing worse than getting into an argument. Often, little disagreements can be resolved quickly. But when the fights are loud, tempers flare and things are said that can’t be unsaid–it can be hard to forgive and even harder to apologize in the first place.

3. “All the things you’d say. They were never true, never true.” – Set Fire to the Rain


Getting caught in a lie is hell on your relationship. It makes your significant other less inclined to trust you. Relationships without trust never work.

2. “Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead.” – Someone Like You


Not every relationship was meant to last forever. We met people in different seasons of our lives, and as we grow and change, we may grow apart from those we love. It doesn’t mean you loved them any less. It just means that your romance had a shorter shelf life than you expected.

1. “I could make you happy, make your dreams come true.” – Make You Feel My Love

Deciding to start a relationship with someone is a personal investment. You’re telling another human that you want to be a part of their lives, make their days happier and help them work towards their dreams. It’s never easy to confess your feelings, but the risk of rejection is well worth the potential reward of love.

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