7 Horrific MUST SEE Facts the Earth is Dying and How to Save it

Lately, we have been hearing about how horrible the condition of our lovely planet Earth is in. Whether you are a believer of Global Warming or not, there is a lot and I mean A LOT of ugly happening within this planet…Just take a look at what I mean:

7. Melting Ice

As factories burn coal, oil and nasty pollutants–all of that gets released into the air. These toxic chemicals & gases then become trapped within our atmosphere. This and all leads to the arctic ice to melt because the earth’s temperature increases. Not a good outlook for the polar bears and every other animal that survive off of ice….


6. Severe droughts  

Yes, this is a problem. It is predicted that drought will increase, specifically in the Southwestern part of the U.S. because of Global Warming. Look for changes in percipitation and the rising of overall tempertaure, because these will lead to an increase in demand for water–putting greater stress on water supplies.


5. Extreme cases of weather

Have you noticed that hot days have been becoming hotter? Maybe you also noticed that cold weather has been becoming colder?..Well, you haven’t seen it all. So get ready, because sooner or later floods will become heavier and hurricanes & tornados will become stronger. Everything WILL be more severe than ever on planet earth.



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