7 Reasons Why You Have To See Dillon Francis Live

We received the privilege of attending the show this past weekend and let me tell you, it was quite the event. From the lights, the music, and the people; it is a something you do not want to miss. Dillon came out strong and put on one of the best shows to come through the Dome at the Oakdale this fall.  We saw him back at Electronic Daisy Carnival in Orlando and because of his energy and impressive stage design, it felt ALMOST as electric as the  performance at EDC. Keep  up with this guy, he is doing big things.

1. Paramount stage.

His production was very creative. It felt big, real big. It had a modern artistic flare to it.

2. A truly live DJ set.

It was almost too live to handle itself. The the show had to pause because Dillon’s monitors went down. Regardless of the technical difficulties,  it is always a warm and fuzzy feeling when the DJ is actually DJing.

3.  You’ll hear everything you want.

He played everything from All That to Set Me Free to random songs thrown in-between. The crowd loved it all.

4. The mot bang for your buck.

We arrived at the venue around 8:00pm and our evening was filled with music from TJR and HoodBoi until about 11:00PM, Dillon then played until about 1:00AM.


Dillon and TJR both had incredible energy. Through their entire sets you were able to tell they genuinely wanted to be there.


They were exciting. The color palette for the show was happy. joyful, bright and colorful. The effects on the DJ booth were especially cool. The show appeared to be live too. No lighting cues, which makes it even more impressive.

7.  The Fans.

Everyone in the crowd had awesome energy. It was quite the long night and from beginning to end the audience kept a consistent energy. It was especially cool to see a much younger crowd interacting with the older crowd with out issue.

All in all this show really impressed us here at University Primetime.  Dillon is just getting into his tour that ends in mid January. GET TICKETS HERE.



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