7 Things Not to Do in a Hall Style Bathroom:

7 Things Not to Do in a Hall Style Bathroom:

1. Leave your items:
Hall style bath­rooms are noto­ri­ous for their lack of counter space. Don’t leave your items all over the counter when in the bath­room, or when you leave to pick up a for­got­ten item from your room. Not only is this rude, but it also gives oth­ers the abil­ity to steal valu­able cos­met­ics and products.

2. Hog the Mir­ror:
On Fri­day and Sat­ur­day nights, hall style bath­rooms are packed with girls who are get­ting ready to go out for the night. While primp­ing can take time, keep in mind that you will be judged for the way you behave in the bath­room. Even if you did “get there first,” be con­scious of oth­ers, and share the small space. If you can do some­thing within the pri­vacy of your dorm room, do so. You beat the crowd, and aren’t thought of as being vain.

3. Wash Dishes:
As bizarre as it sounds, I’ve seen girls wash­ing dishes in the bath­room sinks more times than I’d like to admit. Most res­i­dence halls have com­mu­nity kitchens with sinks and dish­wash­ers. Keep the nasty food stained plates and uten­sils where they belong. Who wants to eat off of plates that have been cleaned a la bath­room anyway?

4. Don’t Move the Shower Cur­tain:
Chances are, if a shower cur­tain is closed, it’s because some­one is in there, EVEN if the water isn’t run­ning. Don’t obnox­iously yank it open with­out check­ing for feet, or ver­bally ask­ing. It’ll be awk­ward for the per­son in there, but it’ll be even more awk­ward for you.

5. Flush:
I used to think flush­ing was an issue that only plagued guys, but for some rea­son, this seems to be even more of an issue for girls. No one wants to enter a stall and see any­thing left behind from the pre­vi­ous user. It’s rude, and it’s disgusting.

6. Shower Sex:
We’ve all had sex in a loca­tion where we prob­a­bly shouldn’t have been hav­ing sex. That’s what’s fun about it. While every­one loves a good shower sex sesh, if you must do it in a hall style bath­room, check to make sure no one is present, and also try to do it at a time when no one is likely to be in there, like 3–5 AM…oh yeah…and keep the moan­ing to a minimum.

7. Stare:
If you like my hair, makeup, or out­fit, it’s more than okay to tell me. What’s not okay? Stand­ing there and gawk­ing as you wash your hands. Being that hall style bath­rooms have large, wall length mir­rors, any­one you stare at will def­i­nitely see you oogling them. It’s creepy, and totally unnecessary.

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