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}7 Things I’d Say to my Freshman Self|University Primetime

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For the love of God stop making stupid purchases. No you don’t need that new pair of shoes. The new Call of Duty can wait. Why do you even want to get another TV right now? The price is basically going to pay for two months of your future loan payments. Be smarter about these things.


I know you like your Goldschläger but honestly there is no point. If you’re drinking for the taste, which I know for a fact that you are not, go ahead. But if you are drinking to get drunk, just go with something cheaper. After the 4th or 5th shot, the taste won’t matter at all. At that point it’s just chaser.


Sure, your class doesn’t start until 1:30. Sure, you went out last night. Sure, it’s an easy course. Get up and go. Even if you fall asleep, wake up and go. The point of college is to learn about something that can get you a job. You’re paying a lot to go here so you better start getting your money’s worth.


This is college. This actually is part of the real world. This marks a very significant shift in how dating works. A few months ago, you’d date someone just because you wanted to fool around with them. Now? You can do that without ever having to actually date. When you legitimately date someone there are only two possible outcomes: a long term relationship, or you break up. So enjoy being single. Do single people stuff.


It may not happen now, or tomorrow or next week, but sooner or later the months of poor eating, binge drinking and little sleep WILL catch up with you. Exercising can fend it off or even help you avoid it all together. But I’ll keep it real with you. Most exercise sucks. Find one that doesn’t suck as much as the rest and fall in love with it. You’ll thank me.


It’s a sad truth but a good 75% of the people you become friends with in the early weeks will not be there exactly a year from now. It’s just a fact. Some may drop out, others will drift away and some you’ll realize just didn’t click with you. And that’s fine. If someone isn’t ping to help you develop in your college career and as a human being, then there isn’t a real reason for them to be there. It’s alright to let them go.


It’s okay that you don’t have your life completely together right now. There are certain aspects that you should have an idea about how to handle but you don’t need to know how to manage your 401(k) and you don’t need to open a life insurance policy. There are a multitude of problems that you can’t handle right now and a small amount that you can control. Focus on what you can control and relax about what is out of your reach. You’ll be fine.


A jack-of-all-trades that’s trying to master one. Physics major at the University of Albany.