7 Types of People You Meet at a College Party

You’re walking through a college party — frat, sports team, or just those guys who don’t care how trashed their house gets — it can be any of these. You walk with your friends through a sea of solo cups and in between bodies before your journey commences. You’re the protagonist in a world full of quirky characters that only come out when the sky is dark and the keg is full. Each person you meet at a party, whether or not the encounter is particularly pleasant, contributes to the chaotic and memorable experience you look back on the next morning.

7. The Guy Who’s Suddenly Friends With Everyone


When you meet this person, they’ll have you convinced. You’ll assume they’re friends with the house, you might even assume they live there. They don’t even appear drunk, but they’re talking with everyone. Doing what you desire to do as they invade every conversation circle without a moments hesitation. Where did this person come from? Do they have magical powers? This next one might think so…

6. The Wise (Stoned) Man


This person will be off to the side, most often with a joint in their mouth, hand, behind the ear, or all of the above. They’ll be just as friendly as number one, only less hyperactive. Somewhere along the line your conversation will get serious. Even if there’s no reason for it to get that way, they’ll find a way. Before you know it they’ll start giving you serious life advice- and you won’t be able to help but hear them out.next

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