8 Reasons to Never Be the Couple that Sits on the Same Side of the Booth (2)

Are you getting a crick in your neck? Each time you decide to talk to your boo next to you your next turns at a full angle. You’ll be talking the whole time looking at each other because you’re normal human beings


How does it feel staring at an empty seat? You could be looking at your attractive significant other but instead you’re looking at an empty seat. There’s nothing enjoyable about that, come on now.

empty chair

You have all night to go home and be that close to each other. If you’re that close to each other in public we can’t imagine what you do in your own home. Don’t show the people surrounded by you a teaser… we don’t want to see it. I swear. Just hold off. If you can’t keep your hands to yourself, you shouldn’t be going in public.


It pisses people off. Have some respect for others and let everyone in the restaurant eat in peace without wanting to stare at you in disgust. Again, you’re in public.




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