9 Steps For Finding Study Space at George Mason University

1.     Bring Sustenance

You may be walking aimlessly for quite some time. Prior Boy Scouts should fare well. Pack water, food, batteries, and a panic whistle.

2.     Ask Yourself Again …Can’t You Just Study In Your Room?

Aimless walking is a certainty. Be sure you really need that “A” before embarking on your doomed journey.

3.     Dress in Layers

…So you’re really sure about this. Prepare for sun, rain, snow, and different degrees of air conditioning. No open-toed shoes.

4.     Make Sure All Your Electronics Are Charged

That emergency call feature….

5.     First, Try Fenwick

The elevators? Yes, creepy. But there are several floors, and plenty of desks. It’s probably the best quiet study location – just rather far from Presidents Park, Whitetop, Rogers, Potomac, Liberty, Student Apartments, The Commons, and Eastern Shore. It’s super convenient for the other one or two dorms, though.

6.     Next, Try the Bottom Floor of the JC

If Fenwick’s too far, the bottom of the JC is usually quiet, and typically less crowded than the main floors.

7.     Then, Third floor of the JC

No space on the bottom floor? Straight to the top. Few people are willing to make the grueling ascent up three flights of stairs. You’re (literally) rising above the crowd.

8.     Lastly, Try Exploratory Hall

Non-science majors welcomed as well – just don’t let them smell your fear. There’s ample seating, and the huge glass windows make it a nice study environment.

9.     Admit Defeat and Try Your Room Again

Perhaps you’ll resist Netflix’s charms this time. Let’s be realistic though. I suggest Burn Notice, Lost, and the Walking Dead.

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