9 Ways UCF Students Dress for Game Day

9.) Frat Guys: There are two ways to accomplish the right fraternity look. A) A classic polo and shorts that stop above the knee are typical when you add boat shoes. B) For some reason wearing a tie and button up with khakis is logical game day attire for fraternity boys. I don’t particularly understand this, as it’s a sporting event and sweltering hot in Florida, but pretty boys need to look pretty I suppose. Just try out both looks and see what fits best for you, then add a solo cup to finish.


8.) Sorority Girls: At least they tend to stick with the right colors. It’s a typical trend to wear a dress or an unhealthy amount of chevron. Basically, try your best to look like a southern belle, and you succeed.


7.) Here for the Beer: You know what he’s really here for when he walks up in a t-shirt and athletic shorts; can’t get too fancy when you are prepared to throw down on some drinking games. It’s a bumming look, for quite the practical purpose.



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