9 Ways to Celebrate the Halloween Season in College (2)

6. Exploring Your Area’s Haunted House Attractions

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Across America scary haunt attractions pop up throughout the fall season. Some are mild and traditional- walk throughs, corn mazes, and hay rides. Others are bit more intense as a new form of haunt attraction has been pioneered in the past few years. These are more interactive, theatrical experiences that make guests feel like the are living their own horror movie.

5. Exploring Your Area’s Actual Haunted Houses

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For those with a more adventurous or spiritual side to them, look into the haunted history of where your campus resides. Most allegedly haunted sites are just fun places to go with friends, but you never know what you’ll find at some of them.

4. Turning Your Dorm Into a Haunted House

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If you are more DIY and creative, take decorating your dorm to the next level and turn it into a haunted house. If you’re an RA, have a contest to see which dorm is the spookiest.


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