12 Things To Stop Apologizing For

“I’m sorry.” It’s one simple phrase and yet it holds so much meaning. So why do people throw it around so often? We seem to say I’m sorry for so many things and a lot of times it’s out of habit. While it is an appropriate thing to say in certain situations we shouldn’t just throw it around to the point where it loses all of its meaning,  so here are 15 things you should stop apologizing for.

12. Crying. Crying is a natural thing that all people do. You may cry in random situations and you may cry when other people think it isn’t necessary, but you still have nothing to apologize for. Emotions are a tricky thing and sometimes you may find yourself crying a reason you absolutely cannot locate – but that’s okay! Who cares if you’re crying because your favorite fictional character died? Who cares if you’re crying because you cut your finger? Just let it all out and don’t apologize for it.


11. Being extremely excited. If you’re excited about something – let it out! You shouldn’t hold back how excited you are about things because people think it’s for a stupid reason. Some people may think you’re exaggerating and need to tone it down, but sometimes you just have to scream out all the excitement. There are times when it may be inappropriate to be extremely excited about something so you apologize about the bad timing, but you still shouldn’t apologize for being excited.


10. Women – your period. Women use the phrase “sorry I’m on my period” way too often. Whether you actually mean it or you’re just saying it to make people think you don’t usually act a certain way, you should stop using the phrase all together. You shouldn’t have to apologize for being a woman and you shouldn’t have to apologize for having emotions. It may be true that we’re more emotional on our periods than we usually are, but you shouldn’t apologize for it because eventually someone’s going use that against you and that’s not okay.


9. Men – being emotional. I don’t know who made it a thing that “men aren’t supposed to cry” but I call BS. Men are humans with emotions just like the rest of us. It doesn’t make you less manly or show weakness if you cry, so stop apologizing for it. You’re a man and you’re crying? Congratulations, you’re human.


8. Telling someone how you really feel – even if they don’t like what they hear. You should never, ever apologize for how you feel. You can apologize for how you said it (ex. rudely), but don’t apologize for actually saying it. People don’t have to like that you said it, but you don’t have to feel bad for telling the truth. You’d be lying to the other person and to yourself if you said anything other how you actually feel. If they don’t like what you said then that sucks, but it’s not your problem.


7. Choosing yourself over someone else. “That’s selfish.” No, it’s not. The only person that has to face the consequences of your actions and feelings every single day is yourself. Do what will make you happy – even if that means ending a relationship because you’re not feeling it anymore or choosing to study abroad even though your friends think it’s bad timing. It’s okay to be selfish every once in a while, especially if you know the other option would make you unhappy or uncomfortable.



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