11 Things You Do When You’re Alone In Your Dorm Room

11 Things You Do When You're Alone In Your Dorm Room
Sometimes you just need to be your weird self and not have to worry. Here are things everyone does when they're finally alone in their dorm room.

As a college student, we are constantly surrounded by people. Whether you’re in a classroom, group project, a party, or even in your dorm room, there is always someone there. You had looked forward to this before attending college – all the social events where you can meet new people, make new friends, and share college adventures with. Initially, the thought of going away to college is scary at first but having a roommate provided some comfort.

Most of us love our roommates because we get along – it’s a match made in roommate heaven when you can be friends with someone you live with, but there are times when we just need some alone time. So when they tell us they are going home for the weekend, sometimes we can’t help but get a little excited about finally having some time for ourselves. You already start thinking of all the possible things you can do that you normally can’t when you have  shared space.

Here are some of the things every college student does when they are alone in their dorm room.

11. Blare music and dance around. Nothing like busting a move in your sweats.


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