15 Things You Text Your Roommate All the Time

Roommates relaxing in their dorm

Having a roommate is a new experience if you’ve always had your own room back home, but having a roommate has many positives, such as always having someone to hang out and binge watch episodes of Gossip Girl with. If you and your roommate are close, you definitely text these things to your roommate at least once a week.

15. “Want to get lunch today so I don’t have to sit alone?”

14. “Are you and [boyfriend] in the room? I’m headed back.” AKA please don’t be having se when I walk in the room, this is my notice to you.

13. “Where are you? Are you okay? I haven’t seen you in hours.” I don’t want to feel like a mom asking you where you are, but I miss you and I’m also worried you might be dead.

12. “Can we watch The Bachelor tonight at 7:00pm?”

11. “Oh my god, I just saw [person you both hate] walking around campus!”




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