9 Ways to Celebrate the Halloween Season in College

9 Ways to Celebrate the Halloween Season in College
Carving pumpkins, eating candy or putting up decorations - you're never too old for Halloween. Here are 9 ways to celebrate the Halloween Season in college.

In college, we are in the last years of being considered children and the first years of being considered adults. The Halloween season exemplifies this most of all- at our age it starts to become all about nostalgia and reliving old memories. Whether we do this by watching re-runs of Hocus Pocus, re-reading Ray Bradbury’s, “Something Wicked This Way Comes,” or trying on ridiculous costumes at Target with our friends — Halloween is something to be celebrated again in college, especially if you’re far from home and missing it.

Here are nine ways to celebrate the Halloween season in college.

9. Decorating Your Dorm

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No matter your gender, year, or Wicca background – decorating for Halloween creates a more festive atmosphere in your living space.

8. Halloween Recipes

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The best of all Halloween activities – making treats. So it’s time to start using your dorm’s kitchen. Pumpkin bread, caramel apples, and harvest muffins are seasonal favorites that bring back some of the best memories of kid Halloween.

7. Halloween Mixology

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In addition to food, if you’re of age you can have even more as an adult than you did as a kid. Here are some spooky cocktails I’m going to try this year: Caramel Apple (angry orchid, caramel schnapps, apple rum), Dark and Stormy (dark rum, ginger beer, bitters) and Zombie (light and dark rums, apricot brandy, lime juice, pineapple juice).


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