A Letter From All Restaurant Workers: To The Customer Who Threw A Menu At Me (3)

2. Mistakes happen, so please be understanding.¬†Nobody’s perfect.¬†Humans make mistakes. If the mistake is our fault, we will take full responsibility and most likely compensate you for our error. We want you to come back.

1. And most importantly, WE HAVE FEELINGS, TOO! I am still flabbergasted how I was going to do something so nice for the man and his wife, and they physically and mentally aggravated me for something I didn’t really have much control over. It makes me lose faith in humanity, but then I realize for every rude customer who dismays me, there are about twenty super nice ones shining with joy. So, don’t yell at the staff or bang them with a menu. I might not have a bruise, but it is the fact that a grown man physically assaulted me for doing my job.

As my wise manager once said, “we have three requests: wait the wait, be respectful to the staff, and enjoy your time.”

So, to the man who bonked me with the menu: thanks because I just wrote a killer article.

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