A Letter To My High School Self: What I Wish I Would Have Known (2)

I also wanted to tell you that while high school is full of some nice people that surround you, there are also those really hurtful ones that do everything to try and bring you down. Remember, they are in high school, too, and chances are, they will grow up and get a reality check just like you will. Maybe they have something going on in their life at the moment, or maybe they are just stuck in the cliquey high school phases; whatever the reason, let their negativity go if you have not already. Their comments and actions will not shape you into the person that you are in a negative way, but they will help form you in a positive way. If you let them get to you, it is natural and okay. But, let it go for now and move on with your life. It will not matter very soon.

You must enjoy high school. When you get off to college, you will realize that the world is not the same exact place anymore. Right now you do not have to worry about the cost of education so APPRECIATE IT. You must discover what your passions are, and high school is the place to do so. Take as many classes as you can in what interests you. Take classes that you never thought you would be interested in. Challenge yourself. I cannot stress anymore that this is the time to do so.next

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