A Letter To The Boyfriend Who Cheated

relationship difficulties

Dear You,

Nothing irks me more than cheating and unloyal people. I’m not writing this to embarrass you or or tell the world how crappy of a person you are, and you know that. I’m writing this to share my story, to show other people that they’re not the only ones to go through situations like this, and that everything will be okay. Here I am, fine as hell, just annoyed that someone I once loved did something so hurtful to me, and is trying to make me feel like I am at fault. And if the world thinks I’m “immature” for writing this, so be it. This is a writer’s job.

It’s been a little over a month since I found out you cheated on me and, well, I just needed to get a few things off my chest. I let you walk all over me since you came into my life almost 3 years ago. You threw me aside whenever someone else better came along and, every time, I took you back. I ignored your sly comments about how any girl would be willing to be with you or hook up with you. I didn’t listen to anyone who told me to stay away from you when we first met, and I ignored the warnings because I saw you in a different way. After all that we have been through, I know I taught you how to love and care for someone; I hope you find your happily ever after one day, I really do.

Things were great for a while: you taught me a lot, we had a lot of memories, and went on a bunch of adventures together. These are things that I will forever remember. I adored your family and spending time with them; they always pushed me to be the best I could be, but you, on the other hand, didn’t. You spent a lot of time picking out my flaws. You sexualized me, told me I was too focused on working and social media. You also told me that I got down on myself too easily, but I realized that you were the one who constantly put me down all the time.

I should have stuck up for myself, just like I did when I told you to leave my house the night you told me you cheated on me. I woke up out of a sound sleep to you crying on my bed the night you confessed that you had cheated on me earlier in the week. It was when we got into a fight about people we’d seen while we were broken up for four months. I knew you had a guilty conscious. That’s why you kicked me out, calling me all those hurtful names: because you did the lowest of all lows. The text you sent me after you left, telling me you cheated a week before, you were supposed to be in the “ER,” and the next day I found the hickey on your neck. I believed you when you said it was from our friend, because I trusted you. Well, I thought I did.


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