A Letter To The Guys Who Wear Shorts In The Winter

Dear Guys Who Wear Shorts In The Winter,

Today I was walking out of class into the miserable, bitter, freezing, 12 DEGREE COLD! I am bundled up in my large furry coat, struggling to walk over to my friend’s car as I see this guy wearing a T-SHIRT AND SHORTS. I don’t get it. How is that even possible?!?! Like dude, you are going to get hypothermia or something.

First of all, why is this even a trend? Realistically, I think you look stupid, and no offense, but you kind of look like a fool. Are you trying to look like a pompous nut? Or, do you think you are cool and fashionable?  I really fail to understand your logic. Yet again, you are a guy, so I am not surprised at the strange choices that you make sometimes.

I mean there are quite a few possibilities:

You might just not do your laundry for days and go, hey my shorts look fresh, who cares if it is snowing outside?

Or, you do it for your ego. You think that it makes you look cool. It highlights the athlete inside of you and symbolizes your inner jock.

Or, maybe it is simpler than that. Maybe shorts are the equivalent to yoga pants for a girl? If that is the case, I do understand your outfit choices a tad more.

It could also be that guys are not receptive to feeling cold. Perhaps, guys are just cold-hearted individuals with warm souls.

Do you feel like your are rebelling against the rigid temperatures? I mean, as much as I would like to riot against cold weather, I do not want to end up with frost bite. Heck, sometimes I layer up my pants, so that I don’t have to feel the cold air through my clothes.

However, all jokes aside, I am genuinely concerned about your habits. I don’t want you to freeze. That would be a serious issue.

So, I am just a typical college girl with a very important question, and I need answers. Guys, why the heck do you wear shorts in the winter?

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