A Letter To The People Who Use Cigarettes

To those with a cigarette in your hand,

I am not writing this letter to offend you because that is not my goal one bit. All I want to do is state my opinion. This is coming from a person who coughs every time that she smells the tiniest whiff of smoke — the person who will probably never smoke one cigarette in her life. However, I write this letter because I just wonder, why would you want to destroy your body?

Why would you want to put yourself at risk for cancer? Why would you want to have yellow teeth and bad breath? Why would you want to not be able to breathe and have miscellaneous problems with your body that can easily be prevented by not smoking that darn cigarette? Why would you want to put your child at risk with second hand smoke? Why would you want to jeopardize not living a long, prosperous life because of the detrimental effects of smoking?

Do you understand that smoking kills you…literally? Do you realize that you might not be able to see your family grow up? Do you realize that the smell of smoke on your body might linger into the noses of someone with a medical condition like asthma, triggering a severe reaction?

See, I feel like smoking cigarettes does more harm than good. Cigarettes are not just bad, they can be evil; they have a warning label on them for crying out loud. They get into your blood stream and can eventually take your life.

Why inflict any extra pain in your body? If you smoke as a coping mechanism, understand that there are less addictive and just as effective ways that do not annihilate your body in the long run.

I understand that some people want to stop smoking, but they just can’t. I have never smoked in my life, and I cannot say that I know what this type of addiction feels like. Quitting cannot be easy, and from what I hear, it is much easier said than done. However, one day, I hope that it becomes easier to quit and that you can toss those cigarettes away for good.

Like I mentioned above, the purpose of this article was not to stir up a feud, and it was also not to tell you how to live your life. Yet, if you do plan to quit one day, I want to tell you that you are much better without that cigarette in your hand; you got this. To those who continue to smoke with no intentions of stopping, that is fine, too. I do not know the story or reason behind you and your choice to smoke. Live your life the way that you want to live your life.


A girl

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