What Actually Happens On a Day You Don’t Have Finals During Finals Week

We all like to pretend that we study 24/7 during finals week, but if we get an off day during it, we probably aren’t studying the entire day.

Here’s what your schedule would probably look like:

1) Go to sleep: Because even though you’re not studying, you stay up until like 4am, so the first thing you do that day is technically sleep.

2) Wake up: You probably don’t wake up until after lunch so you don’t have to make an extra meal. The midnight snacks don’t count!

3) Make lunch: But you really wanna try and be productive so you make lunch, and it’s a pretty long, drawn-out ordeal.

4) Go to the gym: You haven’t been to the gym since the second day of the semester but you decide this is the perfect time to give it a try.

5) Shower: Normally you don’t shower during finals week at all because no one else seems to, but you feel obligated to due to your exhausting 10 minute jog on the treadmill.


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