Advice To College Students That Define The “Selfie Generation”

Yes I am “that selfie girl”. I lived every American teenagers dream on May 10th, 2014, I went semiviral on twitter.  I took a selfie at the end of my graduation speech only to way up the next day with 2,500 retweets and to see my picture stolen by famous twitter accounts including College Humor, Childhood Ruiner, and many more, with the caption “selfie game strong”.  Then I saw my famous graduation selfie on Twitter even sent me an email to inform in four days alone 150k people viewed my twitter profile….And to answer your question, yes I did feel cool… and yes I want a blue check.


I think it’s hilarious how obsessed our generation has become with our IPhone front camera.  Truly I think a more proper label for our generation other than “the y generation” is “the selfie generation”.  We are glued to social media and documenting every moment of our life whether a painful breakup that we look forward to subtweeting about for the months to come, or we document our graduation on our social media because let’s face it, people will question if you actually graduated high school if it’s not on your social media.

Our generation cracks me up and makes me very proud, which is why I got choked up in my graduation speech in front of 7,000 people, 14,000 eyes and ears, (and yes I’m embarrassed for crying in front of so many people).  However before I leave and go onto to college I think it’s also the time where I can say, in a respectful manner of course, the things I despise that our generation is doing.  Things that make me ashamed to be apart of the “selfie generation”. I’m guilty of many of these things too, but I’m hoping as we read these things we can see how RIDICULOUS and absurd we are and all come together as “the selfie generation” and for the love of God change these atrocities.

1. SEX IS SUPPOSED TO BE MEANINGFUL NOT LIKE HALLOWEEN CANDY AND GIVEN OUT TO ACQUAINTANCES AND STRANGERS. In my belief sex is a gift given by God meant for marriage.  Many disagree with me and I respect that, even though I disagree.  However it puts me to literal tears every time I hear someone, especially young people, simply having sex at random. You are worth so much more than that. I know the temptation is hard, and for guys it’s a whole different ball game, but your purity is beautiful.  Your innocence is beautiful. You are beautiful, and worth way more than a random hookup.  You’re worth a marriage and a husband or a wife.  And by no means am I trying to make anyone feel guilty for past struggles with this topic, because all sins our equal, and once you give your life to the Lord you have been made pure again. But as a generation can we all come together and have standards for something so precious and beautiful?

2. SUCCESS IS THE BEST REVENGE. Did you hear me when I said success not a subtweet?  Our generation has become obsessed with getting back at someone whether an ex or a friend who betrayed them by posting on their social media about their feelings of said so person and not tagging them leaving everyone curious about who said person could be… If someone hurts you or does you wrong, there is one way to make them regret it more then posting a Taylor Swift lyric on social media… its called success.  Use all the people who have ever made you feel like you were worth nothing as a pushing force into a land of happiness.  Because success is always the greatest revenge.

3. STOP GETTING JEALOUS OVER OTHERS SUCCESS, YOU CAN BE HAPPY FOR SOMEONE ELSE. Our “selfie generation” has been known to be pretty selfish… what a surprise. It makes me upset how our human instinct whenever something good happens to anyone, including our best friends, instantly gets us jealous instead of happy for them.  Cheer for the people around you to do well, not just well but worse then you.

4. TO THE GIRLS OUT THERE MAYBE IF YOU RESPECTED YOURSELF GUYS WOULD HAVE MORE RESPECT FOR YOU. You are beautiful and deserve to be treated as a beautiful young woman of Christ, and you will be treated like that if you treat yourself in that way.

5. ANOTHER ONE TO THE GIRLS: ITS HARD ENOUGH TO BE A GIRL IN THIS WORLD, SO STOP INSULTING OTHER GIRLS.Just be nice and empathetic.  Every girl out there is fighting insecurities she doesn’t need you to make it worse for her

6. TO THE GUYS OUT THERE STOP SAYING NICE GUYS FINISH LAST, BECAUSE THEY DON’T FINISH LAST. I promise all girls want to marry a nice guy, not a douche bag.

7. CONFIDENCE ISN’T A BAD THING. Around December I was in the high school bathroom (liar of all school gossip) when two girls were complimenting another girl’s eyes.  Her response to their compliment was “awh thanks I get them from my mom”. After she left the girls began to trash talk her response to the compliment claiming it was weird for her to react in a way agreeing with their compliment.  It is sad that our generation considers a denial response a more appropriate reply to a compliment then a form of agreeing. Can’t we all just agree we were beautifully hand crafted by our God in a beautiful way and talk ourselves up not down without getting judged?

8. BE POSITIVE. Just because your life sucks right now doesn’t mean it will stay that way. You have so much up in store for you, but if you keep looking at your past circumstances how will you notice the great things up ahead?

9. SELFIES ARE PRETTIER WITH OTHER PEOPLE IN IT. This goes for life also not just pictures. Your life will be more beautiful if you let others share it with you. Your life should never be all about you.

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