This Baby Was Born With Two Minds In The Same Body. How Is He Surviving?

Mumbai| Doctor Jagadhish Parsa, who assisted yesterday in the birth of a baby born with a rare malformation causing him to have two distinct brains crammed inside his head, claims that the newborn could be a unique case of two separate minds sharing a single head and body. Tamish and Rajiv Mukeherjee were born at 09:10 AM at the Saiffe Hospital, after a long and complicated surgical operation meant to extract them safely from their mother’s womb.

After realizing a complete medical examination of the twins over the last 24 hours, the team of medical specialist observed that the boys are in surprisingly good health considering their condition, with the heart seemingly irrigating both brains efficiently, an element of great concern for patients affected by disrospus.

A large crowd of onlookers gathered very rapidly around the hospital, as rumors had spread around the city that an “incarnation of Shiva”  had just been born. The particularity of the twins seems to have struck a very sensitive chord with many Hindus, as duality is a core concept of the most practised polytheist religion in the world. Journalists from all over India have joined in with the hundreds of pilgrims to try and meet the miraculous newborns, leading the police to use batons and pepper spray to push back the crowd. The size of his head, which already caused many complications at the time of his birth, will without a doubt constitute a major problem. The sheer weight of it could easily be sufficient to break the boys’ cervical spine if not supported carefully. Besides from that problem, the twins’ internal organs all seem to function normally, leaving hope that they could possibly live many years in rather decent living conditions.

This fictional story comes from “political satire” website World News Daily Report. The fabricated article tells the tale of a baby born in India with an unusual abnormality that caused the development of two minds in a single body. Unlike traditional disrosopus, World News Daily Report claims this is a truly singular case in which the two minds shared the same face and frame, yet controlled opposites sides of the body. It goes on to state that the child was being thought of as a personification of Hindu deity, and crowds clamoring to see the infant had grown so large in Islamabad that police were forced to disperse them.



Once more, this article is fake.

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