The Beauty Of A “Forever Friend”

According to Urban Dictionary, a forever friend is defined as “friends, that regardless of 50 days of separation, reunite to find nothing has changed.” And, as we all know, Urban Dictionary is always right.

I have a few forever friends in my life. One, I met before I can even remember. Another, I connected with during our equally awkward middle school phases. And, the others, I was blessed to choose the same university as them. No matter when or where I met my forever friends, they all have one thing in common: nothing ever changes.

My friendship with my one friend began with our fathers’ friendship. We were almost forced to become friends considering we spent every New Year’s Eve together since birth. However, our friendship was never forced. We just got along. During the days of daycare and summer camps, people who did not know us would ask if we were sisters when I came with her mom to pick her up. As we grew up, we never grew apart. Yes, we made other friends in our respective high schools. Yes, we put an end to our annual New Year’s Eve parties. And, yes, we saw each other less often than before. Still, though, when we are together, it is like nothing has changed. We talk about anything and everything. We tell stories about our parents. We drink wine and laugh.

We grew up, but we did not grow apart.

I could write a novel about my middle and high school best friend. We made so many memories together; she was truly my partner in crime. When deciding where to spend our collegiate years, she chose Wake Forest in North Carolina, as I chose a school closer to home. As the years have gone by and circumstances have changed, she does not come home as often as I would like. (Because it’s all about me, you know). We do not talk as often as we used to over the phone, and we do not keep up with each other’s crazy weekends. And, I am proud to say, it has not changed our friendship whatsoever. When she does come home, we sit at our local Dunkin’ Donuts and talk for hours. We are sure not to skip a single detail of the past semester. No matter how many days or miles we spend apart, we rekindle our friendship like no days have passed at all.

We grew up. We moved apart. But we did not grow apart.

I will not begin to go into detail about the friends I have made during my last three years here at college. As a second semester senior, I have come to realize who my forever friends will be. I know that all of my friends will graduate and become very successful in their respective fields. I know that we may move around the country in search of our dreams. And, I know that we will find the time to reminisce about our “younger days” when the alcohol didn’t burn as bad and the hangovers only lasted until noon.

We will grow up. We will move apart. But we will not grow apart.

Forever friends are unique and are not always easy to find. Once you find them, you need to hold on as tight as you can. They are the friends you grew up with, the friends you had your first sip of alcohol with, and the friends you discovered yourself with. I have realized that I am good at goodbyes, yet I know the beauty of a forever friend and I will not say goodbye, only “see you later.”

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