Beer For Breakfast Has Never Tasted So Sweet

If you have ever felt uneasy about drinking at 9 A.M., fear no more! The 21st Amendment brewer in San Francisco is pushing the envelope with their new beer flavor, Pop-Tart. Yes, you read that correctly, Pop-Tart flavored beer. You do not need a toaster to enjoy your favorite breakfast snack anymore and morning pre-gaming has never been more acceptable. Along with Pop-Tart flavors, comes HefeWheaties by General Mills as a limited-edition Wheaties ale. The breakfast craze may not stop there, with signs of a Count Chocula brew in the near future. On August 29th the beer, which comes in at 7.6% alcohol by volume, will be available in 19.2 oz. cans. This is a new size the brewery is offering for seasonal flavors. There are five big reasons you should hop on the Breakfast Beer Bandwagon.

5. It’s a new beverage acceptable for brunch. 

When mimosas get old, substitute it for a nice pop-tart brew.


4. It’s the easiest way to stop a hangover.

The fastest way to cure a hangover is to keep drinking! A sweet breakfast beer will make this easier, instead of trying to gulp down something bitter at 11 A.M.



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