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A Broke Student’s Guide To Keeping Your Relationship Alive (Male Edition)

1. Surprises are EVERYTHING


Regardless of what she says, surprises are always nice. Any little thing that is a surprise is special (except getting slapped in the face or something)

2. Flowers are timeless


Put flowers and a little note on her car, dorm room door, laptop, etc.

3. Take her on a nice picnic.


Bring a blanket, some food, maybe some music, and you’re set.

4. Candlelight Pizza


Add pizzazz to any dinner (campus food, pizza, etc.) by adding a couple candles from the dollar store. It is a sweet touch.

5. Blind Date



Buy her a nice dress, necklace, and earrings. Leave a note telling her to get dressed and be ready at a certain time. Take her somewhere, anywhere. After that gesture, you could take her to a dingy, empty parking lot and she wouldn’t care because you’re take charge attitude makes her feel special.

6. Family Reunion


Invite her family to come and spend the day with you two. Tell her you have a surprise in the other room and open the door revealing her family. Make this day not about you, but her and her family. This shows her you want to make, not only her but, her family happy too.

7. Articulate Feelings


As hard as it is for men to do, you need to tell her how you feel. No matter how corny, cliche, or dumb it might sound just tell her. Every girl needs to hear it.

8. Keep Records


Keep pictures, notes, mementos, everything so that later down the line you can make a collage of the relationship as a gift. This shows her that although you may forget things like birthdays and anniversaries, you weren’t asleep the whole relationship.

9. Be A Gentleman


Let her go first, open the car door, pay every now and then, etc. Chivalry is not dead gentlemen.

10. Space


It may sound weird, but allow for some space. It will make you miss each other and make the relationship stronger. Couples that spend every waking moment together, don’t last because they break under pressure when separated. When you reunite, your bond will be so much stronger.


Relationships can last and be a fun, beautiful thing if you know how to keep it alive.


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