College According To Jennifer Lawrence (2)

7. When you think you got all your work done… And then you realize you have more!

Fall GIF

6. When your midterm grades are released… When you start actually doing the math to see how well you could do in a class, you’ve already failed.

Heart Palpitations GIF

5. When your dining hall isn’t open yet… You’ve been in class all day and because you’re a modern day twenty-something, you have no idea how to actually make food yourself so instead, you starve.

Jennifer Lawrence Starving GIF

4. When you finish giving a presentation and the professor asks for questions… This is why we all make our friends ask well-rehearsed questions that we know we can answer.

Questions GIF

3. When you try to have a serious conversation at the bar… Good luck with that. 

Shot GIF

2. When you skip one class to finish work for another… If you haven’t been here, you haven’t truly experienced college. 

Undecided GIF

1. When you fail a test you thought you nailed… There’s nothing you can do about it now so you might as well just sit there and accept the disapproving looks from your professor.

Whatever GIF


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