College Advice: Because We All Need A Little Help (3)

Create relationships with your professors (if possible). Most of them are willing to help if you are struggling, and really do want to see you succeed. They have great insight because they have seen it all, and they can be amazing people to have in your corner when looking for internships, when you need a reference, or when you are looking for connections after school.” – Emily, class of ’12

If you are not ready for college, don’t go just because everyone else is expecting you to. Not everyone is ready at age 17 or 18 and it’s okay to wait until you are ready–something I wish I knew at that time. Now going into college at age 21, I am not one bit ashamed… now I know I will be able to succeed because I am now ready.” – Erica, class of ’14

“Save your money.” – Pat, class of ’13

“You should make a friend in every class you have. It will help you in the long run, and create a friend everywhere you go. It will help you learn to meet new people, and it will create opportunities because you are going to be meeting people from a different walk of life.” – Julia, class of ’14

If you have the opportunity to you should study abroad, whether it’s for six weeks, a semester, or a whole year. It’s scary, but trust me it’s definitely worth it to explore outside of your comfort zone.” – Julia, class of ’16

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